Pediatric dentist in Morristown

Pediatric Dentist in Morristown

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Pediatric dental hygiene in Morristown

Pediatric dentist in Morristown
Pediatric dentist in Morristown

A sound strategy of pediatric dental hygiene gives your child a much needed edge in achieving and maintaining cavity-free teeth and strong, healthy gums. At Attentive Dental Care, we combine essential guidance for at-home oral care with the recommendation to bring your child in for a visit to our pediatric dentist in Morristown for an examination and cleaning. It’s an overall plan that is impossible to beat.

Pediatric dental hygiene is, at its core, about combating the negative effects that dental plaque can have on his or her teeth and gums. Plaque is the primary cause of tooth decay, which is how cavities form in the first place, and why they grow larger if not treated. Plaque grows on and between teeth, and at the gum line. It grows considerably overnight, which is why brushing first thing in the morning is vital. Brushing should also be done before bedtime, along with a thorough flossing. Our pediatric dentist in Morristown may also suggest brushing after meals. As plaque is promptly removed, there is less opportunity for it to cause problems. It may also be helpful to consider a high quality dental rinse. Our office will be happy to recommend some good ones. Plaque that is not eliminated with brushing and flossing will harden. This form is called tartar, and it is not effectively addressed with home dental hygiene. For that, our pediatric dentist in Morristown performs a twice-yearly teeth cleaning. Tartar buildup and residual plaque are eradicated, and any effects of early stage gum disease, gingivitis, will likely be reversed.

The math of the situation is simple. The less plaque and tartar have the chance to impact your child’s teeth and gums, the greater degree of oral wellbeing she or he is going to enjoy. Fewer cavities reduce the chances for toothaches, infections, and early loss of teeth. Contact us today to arrange a appointment.

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